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Education Inequality in Australia: Too much talk is never enough

Jun 30, 2021

Australian educational institutions are among the most inequitable in the world. The list of 38 developed countries Australia ranks 30th on educational equality and the inequality is still increasing. The gaps are evident even from school entry. Students who need support do not get it at all. 

The problem is that one in four secondary school students doesn’t have the skills they need. About one in four adults haven’t studied properly to be mastered in some profession and don’t have skills to integrate in community. It seems that government does not even care to focus on this issue and do the minimum required fixes to overcome this situation. 

First step is to understand the mentality of those who don’t want to study properly and it is mostly male conservative class. Second, Australians need to stop pretending that their government is doing anything to fix the issue. The government do know how to reduce the inequality of education, the problem is that they don’t want to do anything to fix it, because it is now not in their main interest and is not a priority for them, as if people become more educated and smarter, it might lead to more working classes, and to rule a country where society is clever and smart, will be not an easy thing. 

Now, people in Australia are pretending not to understand what is going on and have mindful optimism, but it can lead to the worst. Society needs to not only talk but also not to pretend. They need to show that education is important for them and force government to focus on this problem. Writing reports and saving data will not help to move government to get out of this situation, people need to stop pretending and start acting.