About Us

Founded in 2020, WorldEd is an education portal for universities, agents and students to share and find information, resources and services.

WorldEd aims to help the target groups to achieve their goals through providing all they need on just one platform.

Benefit One

All users collaborate on one platform so that their needs are met effectively.

Benefit Two

Students find a great variety of services necessary to overcome their academic, financial and personal challenges.

Benefit Three

Students apply not only for scholarships, but also for additional funding.

Story About Us

Our 15-year experience in the field of education has involved work with thousands of students who faced various challenges during pre and post-application process. Our goal then was to establish the WorldEd portal to offer extensive solutions to student needs, as well as help universities and agents bring in prospective students.

We spare no effort to get students closer to their dreams and therefore create possibilities for students to apply for financial aid generated through donations made by any person or company in the amount they wish or through student payments.

WorldEd also provides services, such as paid or unpaid internships and job placements after graduation. For professional development, it offers online short courses and webinars on different topics, which are followed by a certificate after completion.

Why Choose Us
  • Institutions find students from all over the world

  • Agents find institutions that best suit the students' needs

  • Students find programs, scholarship and services to achieve their education goals