Updated News

Luther College High School

Sep 28, 2021

Luther College High School, established in 1913 is a historical independent high school offering grades 9-12 located in Regina and Saskatchewan. It consists of high school and post-secondary campuses and approximately 420 students study there, 13% of which are international ones.  Students admitted to Luther College are not required to be Lutheran or Christian. In fact, the school values diversity in every aspect of the school population. By welcoming students of all backgrounds, Luther College enjoys a richly diverse student body.

Luther College High School has an outstanding academic program and university preparation with at least 96 percent of graduates going on to post-secondary education, including institutions such as the University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan, University of Toronto, Dartmouth, John Hopkins, McGill, Harvard, Oxford, Yale, and Queen’s. 

The Luther College House also provides campuses. Room assignments and changes are the responsibility of the deans. Deans spend a considerable amount of time ensuring the right mix and balance of the dorms and changes will be accommodated only if they benefit the entire dorm community. Every student is given a key to their room and a fob for entrance to the dorm. If these are lost a replacement fee will be charged to the student: $50 for the key and $15 for the fob. Student rooms are always remained locked and each student has a locking drawer for cash and valuables. 

The Luther College High School welcomes students from every part of the world and values excellence in teaching and care for each student as individual in the community.