Updated News

Thornton Donovan School

Nov 10, 2021

Thornton-Donovan is open for live education and welcomes students from any part of the globe who possess ability, are motivated, have self-discipline, and will both gain from and give to the school. Thornton-Donovan School was founded as a small kindergarten and elementary school in 1901. Having grown into a full K-12 school accredited by Cognia, the school nonetheless retains small class sizes that allow an individual approach to education. Thornton Donovan School places a strong emphasis on international education and exposing their students to the globe through thematic education, travel-study, exchange programs, and local field-trips to New York City. 

Thornton-Donovan School was founded on the principle that a school must meet the changing needs of its students, its community, and its society. Its philosophy and curriculum directly contribute to the development of students who can use their individual talents to meet the challenges of life. The school may also admit a youngster who has potential for academic success but whose record does not demonstrate it. Thornton Donovan accepts qualified pupils regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin. New students are accepted in all grades. The school is in the 95th percentile of the most diverse private schools in America while also being in the top 20% K-12 Schools in the country. 

International students are enrolled in the same college-preparatory program as American students and, upon graduation, receive a diploma. If necessary, students may also be enrolled in ESL (English as a Second Language) classes as part of the normal school day (included in the Tuition). The Academic Program is very unique and combines basic classes one would expect of an American high school with thematic courses.

Basic classes such as American Literature, Biology and Algebra with thematic courses are based on the theme each year; history, arts, and even science classes can be tailored to match the theme. Students have the opportunity to exercise a good degree of choice in their classes and can focus on areas relevant to their talents and future. Thornton Donovan also offers multiple world languages such as Latin, Greek, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian. 

The school also offers many unique after-school activities that are created and ran by students. Some of these activities include a school newspaper, technology club, rocket club, chess club and photography class. There are also many athletic options that may be available to you such as basketball, tennis, rugby and soccer. 

Studying at Thornton Donovan School is a great opportunity to be well educated and enjoy your academic years.