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7 Reasons To Study In Italy

Feb 19, 2021

Italy is becoming an increasingly more popular place to study abroad and you may be wondering why many students are choosing Italy to expand their studies and begin international programs. Italy is one of the most economically and culturally advanced countries in Europe that has an excellent history for tourism and for students coming in from all over the world. Here are some of the top reasons to choose Italy for your location of study:

The History

Italy is home to some of the most interesting history the world has seen. With ancient Europeans and civilizations like the Romans and Greeks, Italy has a massive selection of historical landmarks and plenty of universities that study sites first hand. 

The Climate

Located in the south of Europe, Italy has one of the most favorable climates in the entire world. The weather remains quite mild throughout the entire year unless you’re living in the north closer to the Alps. Throughout the winter and autumn, the weather typically changes to a windier condition, but it is likely you can see the sun almost every day. 

Amazing Food

Italy is known for its wine, food, and pasta. The high-quality ingredients and the restaurants will have you dining out on world-class meals for a price that is considerably cheaper than you might think. You can live a healthier lifestyle and try a number of authentic local favorites. 

Learning a Language

Italian is one of the most requested languages to learn and it’s very complex. Living in Italy can make it much easier for you to learn the language and have a chance to speak it regularly. 


The people in Italy are known for the hospitality and you will find many positive people around every corner. Visiting the University cities like Pisa will give you plenty of opportunities to embrace Italian culture and to get to know many wonderful people.

Excellent Places to Study

Italy is well known for its universities and wherever you are in the country, you can find a place that is known for its programs, professors, and network for the job market. There are opportunities for you to take on almost any level of study as well whether you want to try a full-time MBA, a bachelor of arts, or a doctorate degree. Specialized programs are available across the country and whether you’re studying in the North or the South, you will find a quality program to meet your needs and get you the qualifications you need to succeed. 

Fashion And Art

If you are trying to immerse yourself in culture or you’re planning on studying fashion or art, Italy is by far one of the best places that you can immerse yourself in the heart of the European art scene. 

Consider these top seven reasons and more if you are thinking about studying abroad in Italy. Each of these quality reasons can be enough for you to consider making the trip and studying at the world-class universities Italy has to offer. If you are interested contact us today to learn more!