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8 Reasons Why Students Choose to Study in America from Australia

Feb 17, 2021


Did you know that the US has become the most popular university destination over the past few years? Studying in the US is quite costly as compared to other countries. However, the quality of education, unique curriculum, multicultural environment, and numerous opportunities offered at its universities make it an ideal choice for many students.

Why is the US the Holy Grail of international higher education? Let us find that out in this article! 

Why do Australian students choose America for studying?    

Listed below are eight reasons why the US is the top choice of Australian students for studying: 

The language barrier is not an issue

Many students have reported that the first few months of settling in another country are the hardest. 

In this regard, language barriers can add to the already existing challenges. So, taking this issue out of the equation can bring relief for many Australians, improving their experience of studying abroad. 

A positive relationship between Australia and America

Australia has a firm foundation of communication, trade, and travel with America. Therefore, America has become a safe destination for Australians who wish to study abroad. 

The top-notch quality of the American education

One of America's main reasons for being the first choice of Australian students is its quality of education. 

High school education in America makes way for an easier admission in tertiary education. Likewise, a college degree from an American institute provides better global opportunities for graduates.

Education paired with sports

Another reason that makes American colleges stand out amongst other tertiary schools worldwide is the unique trend of pairing high-quality education with sports.

They offer various sports programs that provide an opportunity to every student-athlete. 

Combining education and sports is one reason Australians choose America as their ideal destination for higher education. 

A promising education landscape 

Did you know that America has been ranked as the best country for starting a career? 

Studying in America offers several opportunities to students for building connections within as well as outside America. As a result, the students get better career opportunities.

Affordable living

Although American education is expensive, the cost of living there is lesser than that of Australia. 

Now, you might think that it is far more affordable to live in Asia and South and Central America. However, the US's safety, cultural familiarity, and language make it ideal for Australians.

The appealing college culture 

Many Australian students are fascinated by the idea of living on-campus, interacting with people from all over the world, engaging in the sports culture, and taking part in various social activities.

Resultantly, they can experience more, which improves their learning experience.


Although US education comes with a hefty price tag, scholarships come as a relief. Fortunately, there is a range of scholarships offered at American universities, and you can avail one of them with the right guidance.


Despite American education being expensive, many Australian students choose to study in America for several reasons. They include affordable living, a secure environment, scholarships, the absence of language barrier, and more.

As a result, America has become an ideal destination for Australian students to pursue higher education. 

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Happy studying!