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Arroyo Pacific Academy

Mar 24, 2022

Arroyo Pacific Academy as a private, independent, coeducational college preparatory middle school and high school welcomes students from other countries to learn and to grow. The Academy is a coeducational institution, open to local and international students. The teaching and learning communities are committed to support the students as they strive for excellence in a college preparatory curriculum that incorporates character formation and the academic competencies and skills necessary for lifelong learning.  The Academy considers it a privilege to be a participating private school in the global opportunity to educate middle and high school students. 

The Academy follows the guidelines of the California State Frameworks and the Content Standards adopted by the California State Board of Education, and is WASC accredited.  Courses are offered within the following curriculum tiers: General Middle School, General High School, College Prep, and Premier Scholar. 

Classes are completed in a quarter system format, with the first two quarters comprising the Fall Semester, and the second two quarters comprising the Spring Semester.  Most students take four courses and one study hall period each quarter.  The quarter system improves focus and develops greater interest in each course.  Study hall provides time for students each day to complete homework at school while teachers are available for assistance.  The After School Program provides additional tutoring and enrichment programs from our teachers free of charge.

The International Student Program is designed to teach students social and academic language skills as well as the cultural aspects of the English language necessary to succeed in an academic environment and contribute to society. It involves teaching, listening, speaking, reading and writing at appropriate developmental and proficiency levels with little or no use of the native language. 

All international students not living with immediate family (Mother or Father) must live with an English-speaking host parent or guardian approved by Arroyo Pacific Academy. The school reserves the right to refuse a host parent or guardian for any reason Arroyo Pacific Academy deems to be in the best interest of the student and the overall program.

All the local and international students are welcomed to apply to the Arroyo Pacific Academy and build a brilliant future with the help of the Academy.