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How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad?

Dec 21, 2020

Most people that have had the experience to study abroad consider it to be one of the best times of their lives. Some of the areas that people commonly say that they made mistakes are problems within their degree requirements, scheduling conflicts, and costs. Many people's first thoughts are “How much does it cost to study abroad?” Doing some research into the cost of studying abroad and preparing accordingly can make sure that you’re always ready with the right amount of money to feel safe and secure. Here are some of the top considerations to make on the cost of studying abroad. 

The Average Cost of The Program

Having an average price tag for the cost of studying abroad can be especially important. Estimates on the cost can vary widely based on the subject matter and there’s really no common procedure on what the cost of the average program might be. There are some reliable figures that students are sharing under the international Institute of education surveys. The average cost of studying abroad in a foreign country often hovers around $18,000 per semester and this also means over about $36,000 US for a full academic year. Certain areas like the UK can be a bit lower in cost and you might be able to save money by choosing an internship or study abroad semester here. 

There’s a series of other external factors that can add to your varying expenses. You might end up experiencing extra costs when working in a private university throughout Europe or if you are choosing an extremely specialized program

What’s Included In Your Program

A study abroad program may not cover the total program cost and items which are associated with studying abroad. It’s important to look into what your program may actually cover. Here are some of the costs that need to be included to prevent you from facing additional fees

Your Housing

Food and entertainment can be a small cost associated with your trip abroad but housing is likely to be the largest expense that you have after tuition. There are options that include some affordable housing including dormitories and homestay options. 


The overall cost of tuition is likely the majority of your program cost. Tuition costs can be different as an international student and working in the US, Australia or the UK may not be an option during your stay as a student as well. Make sure that you check into the rates for international students if you are interested in seeing the true cost of your program.


If you’re going to be living off-campus or you need to travel an extensive distance in order to get to your program from your home country, your cost of transportation could be quite expensive as well. Major flights to your study abroad destination could get expensive if it’s remote. You could be facing a few thousand dollars every time that you wanted to fly home and this can be a cost that you may not account for. 


The overall cost of healthcare can also be detrimental to manage during your time abroad. Unless you have some form of traveler’s health insurance, you may not be covered if you were to get sick while you are on your study abroad. 

Keep some of these top costs in mind if you are looking toward studying abroad, remember that saving and keeping an emergency fund on hand can be beneficial to preventing disaster while you are in a foreign country. Contact us today if you are interested in studying abroad.