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Saint Paul Lutheran High School

Feb 23, 2022

Saint Paul Lutheran High School is a residential high school committed to “preparing leaders to declare Christ.”  Saint Paul Lutheran High School began educating students in 1883, preparing them for their future. Currently Saint Paul offers over 80 classes in a variety of subject areas including Religion, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Practical Arts, Fine Arts, English, Communication, Foreign Languages, Physical Education, and more. Students at Saint Paul are academically encouraged to be prepared for a college environment and inspired to see their future as a vocation of service to God and to one another.

Saint Paul is accredited through Cognia and the National Lutheran Schools Association. Saint Paul was recently awarded Exemplary Status through national accreditation analysis. Advisors assist with college planning, including entrance exams and registration. 

Concordia, Missouri, with around 2,500 residents, is the home of Saint Paul.  The campus includes 40 acres, with classroom and residence buildings, a fine arts building, and several large practice fields for sports. Approximately 200 students from around the United States as well as from around the world represent the student body of Saint Paul Lutheran High School.  Approximately 37% of the students are from outside the United States, 48% are local students, and 52% of students live in dormitories. Residential students are housed on campus during the school year mid-August to mid-May.  During breaks, students will have the option of staying in the dorms or finding host homes.  Most weekends there are an option of activities and transportation to various places. 

The School also offers many scholarships in order to make the tuition available for all the students eager to get a good and qualified education.