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Study in Denmark: Low Fees, Quality Education, Great Opportunities!

Mar 04, 2021

Many international students are choosing the country of Denmark for a variety of top reasons such as a lowered tuition fee, improved job opportunities, and a unique cultural experience. Denmark is becoming a much more in-demand location for international students because of its thriving cities, its beautiful landscapes, and its reputation for high-quality education. 

If you ever wondered what student life in Denmark could be, we want to take you through what the environment is like, what you can expect from the educational institutions here, and what to expect for fees. 

Well Located

The environment in Denmark is situated just two hours away from Paris to London leaving you plenty of room to explore Europe or go out to sightsee on weekends. The green lifestyle in Denmark also creates clean cities and innovative environments for your education. 

Top-Quality Education

The universities in Denmark are ranked highly amongst others in the world and five of the universities of Denmark have cracked the top 500 institutions worldwide. Degree programs available in Denmark are often specialized and these universities are often seen as premier educational institutions for job seekers worldwide. 

Lowered Cost of Education

Many Swiss citizens and EU citizens will not have to pay for education in Denmark. As a result, international students can often pay fees that are extremely competitive when compared to the cost of education in their home countries. Scholarships and grants are also available for international students to offset some of the added cost of education in Denmark. 

Extremely Safe

Denmark is a country that has the second-best quality of life in the entire world and there’s a series of health benefits to living in Denmark as it is known as being a country that’s the happiest in the world as well as home to some of the highest quality educational and healthcare facilities. 

Career Opportunities

If you’re an international student in Denmark you can work up to 20 hours a week and earn money for your educational expenses. 

The Top Universities:

The University of Copenhagen

Technical University of Denmark

Aalborg University 

Aarhus University 

The international business academy

Copenhagen business school

And Funen Art academy 

All rank very highly amongst the top institutions in the country. 

The Cost of Living

The cost of most Danish universities can range between €6000-€16,000 per year for a full-time degree student. When you consider the average cost of living, you may be expected to pay between €900-€1600 per month depending on the type of apartment you get. With the option to get a part-time job on a student visa it easier to accommodate yourself in Denmark. 

How To Get Accepted

In order to get a residence permit to live and study in Denmark, you need to provide financial proof that you can support yourself, language proficiency in English, German, Danish or Swedish, you will also need a valid passport, photographs, and acceptance to a local university. In order to get acceptance to a local university, you’ll likely have to prove your language proficiency as well as present a high school diploma. 

If you are interested in saving money while attending a world-class university, be sure to consider Denmark as an option for your international schooling. If you would like to learn more or get help taking steps to start your study abroad journey then contact us today!