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The Most Affordable Places To Study Abroad

Feb 25, 2021

Studying abroad is an excellent way to save money on the average cost of your education. Many US students are choosing to study abroad to experience lowered tuition fees and to explore more of the world while they are young. If you’re looking for some of the most affordable places that you could go to study, here are some of the top choices for you:


In the EU and throughout many Nordic countries, the cost of stay and the cost of education is quite low. Many of the universities here are free to European citizens but they offer inexpensive education to people coming from outside of Europe as well. Norway has a series of English taught programs at all levels and it’s likely that with the cost of living and your tuition you’ll be spending around $17,200 per year. 


Taiwan is one of the cheapest countries in the world to study abroad with. The National Taiwan University has ranked up in the world University rankings and its tuition costs just US$3300 per year for most programs. Living costs in this area are also quite low at around $2900 per year. 


Germany is growing in popularity for international students as well. Reputable universities are available at relatively low costs. Its possible for master’s students to pay around US$23,450 per year and living accommodations for around $11,950 per year. 


Tuition in France is among the lowest for international students with some bachelor’s programs available at just $200 per semester and a few master’s programs available at $285. The cost of living is often higher here but, you can save an extensive amount of money by choosing a standard university and living inexpensively. 


Mexico City was recently named amongst the top 100 cities. Living costs can often be managed for under $10,000 per year and the university tuition here sits around  $6300 per year for international undergraduate students. English-taught courses are opening up regularly to help attract more international students to Mexico. 


India is also an extremely cheap place to study abroad and has a rich cultural diversity. Transportation and living expenses can be cut down considerably as you can live for less than US$4600 per year. To study and live in India is usually set at less than $7880 per year. 


Poland is an excellent place to study on a budget with quality educational institutions an increasing number of English-taught programs. Most tuition sits around $3500 per year and the living costs can be handled at just over $7700 per year. 


Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia stand as one of the most comfortable places to live at $3550 per year and average tuition of $4000 per academic year. The University of Nottingham and Australia’s Monash University are offering degree accredited programs here now too. 

South Africa

South Africa is an excellent place to study with a budget at an average of $6000 for an international undergraduate degree and living expenses that can be managed for just over US$9000 per year. 

Consider any of these top options if you are looking for a fun and frugal place to go to school abroad. Contact us today to learn more!