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WorldEd is a powerful portal to support educational endeavors.
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This video will guide you through the WorldEd platform and help you find answers to your questions. You are bound to find more benefits once you explore the platform in more detail.

Agent's Guide to WorldEd Platform

How to Join as an Agent

This video explains the steps necessary for agents to get involved with the platform. Agents will need to register and be granted access upon completion of the verification process. They will then be able to manage the entire list of their students and work on the application process.

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Benefits for Agents

By registering in the platform, Agents are able to:

  • See all School programs, promotion and pricing in one place
  • Filter the programs and information that best suit the student's needs
  • Select the programs and file applications directly
  • Help students get additional financial aid available through the portal.
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What our agents say about WorldEd portal

WorldEd portal saved me a lot of time and effort. It was very easy to access it and made my job fairly productive, as I could immediately find the discounts and promotions offered by schools. I am happy that I can help students to get the scholarships they deserve.

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